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Atlanta’s gas shortage

The Southeast is seeing a huge hit in gas shortages these days. We are out of Atlanta and it seems as if there is completely no gas of any grade. If you do find regular, 87 RON, huge lines are forming and some are waiting in them for an 1hr or more.

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Atlantans rely on two major pipelines, Colonial and Plantation, to pump fuel from the Gulf of Mexico. Moving at about 3 mph to 5 mph, it can take up to 10 days for gas to travel from Houston to Atlanta. The metro area began to feel the pinch of short supplies about two weeks after Gustav struck, which is about the time Ike came ashore. 

Sept. 1: More than one-third of refining capacity shut down during Hurricane Gustav and was beginning to recover when Ike began to threaten.

Sept. 13: When Ike landed, refining decreased from an average of 323 million gallons per day to almost zero. Most refineries are back online, though Texas refineries are running at 43 percent capacity, according to the federal government. Both pipelines serving the Southeast from Texas continue to operate at reduced rates.

Fuel pipelines (at full capacity)

Colonial Pipeline: 
95 million gallons per day through 5,519 miles of pipeline 

Plantation Pipe Line: 
20 million gallons per day through 3,100 miles of pipeline 

Refinery  details (at full capacity) 
Texas – 200 million – gallons/day 
Louisiana – 125 million – gallons/day

How fuel gets from the tanker to you car 
Crude oil arrives at a port city via seagoing tankers. From there, it must go through refining and distribution processes before consumers can use it in their vehicles.

Oil tanker > Crude oil > Refinery > Gasoline > Pipeline storage > Pipeline > Bulk terminal storage > Tanker truck > Local gas station

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