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Audi AG on course for new sales record in 2010 after first half-year

AUDI AG delivered around 99,250 cars worldwide in June, beating even the strong sales figures from the previous month of May. Unit sales increased by 8.7 percent on the prior-year month. For the period January through June, the sales total was 19.1 percent up on the corresponding period of 2009. AUDI AG is therefore on course for a new sales record in 2010 and plans to break through the million barrier again, having already done so in 2008.

  • Around 99,250 cars delivered worldwide in June
  • Sales chief Schwarzenbauer: “Aiming to break through barrier of 100,000 cars in United States for first time”
  • First ever month with over 20,000 cars sold in China
  • Strong growth also on Eastern European market

“The first half proved considerably better than we had expected, above all in European markets and the United States,” said Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management for Marketing and Sales at AUDI AG.

In the United States, Audi sold 14.3 percent more cars in June than in the same month of 2009. In the first six months of the year, a total of 48,440 U.S. customers chose a premium car from the Ingolstadt carmaker, a rise of 28 percent on the prioryear period. Schwarzenbauer explained: “Over the past year in particular we have been investing considerable amounts in our brand and the dealer network in the United States. We are now reaping the rewards. This year, our aim is to break through the barrier of 100,000 cars in the United States for the first time ever.”

In other European countries, Audi increased its deliveries by 6.5 percent to around 39,000 units; in the entire first half the Company sold some 229,250 cars in this region, 12.6 percent more than in the corresponding period of 2009.

Audi enjoyed steady sales growth in Eastern Europe: The sales rise of 21.2 percent in June to around 3,300 cars continued the trend of previous months. Overall, unit sales were up 13.8 percent to around 17,900 cars.

In China, June saw Audi sell over 20,000 cars in a single month for the first time ever: Deliveries rose by 61.6 percent to 21,436 units. Between January and June the sales figures increased by 64.3 percent, reaching 109,887 cars: another new record figure.

Worldwide 99,250 91,344 8.7% 554,950 465,804 19.1%
W. Europe 55,400 58,481 -5.3% 319,450 301,713 5.9%
– D 19,709 24,601 -19.9% 108,113 113,882 -5.1%
– GB 8,665 7,766 11.6% 56,737 46,684 21.5%
– Italy 5,659 5,545 2.1% 31,714 30,197 5.0%
– France 4,541 4,538 0.1% 26,138 24,914 4.9%
– Spain 4,056 3,812 6.4% 23,531 20,037 17.4%
USA 8,601 7,524 14.3% 48,440 37,845 28.0%
Asia-Pacific 26,300 17,670 48.7% 135,300 86,282 56.8%
– China (incl. Hong Kong) 21,436 13,265 61.6% 109,887 66,866 64.3%

– Audi of America

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