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Three red dot awards for Audi Corporate Sound

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An R8 roars across the screen. A sonorous voice, dramatic music, and at the end, the beating of a heart. No doubt about it: this is an Audi commercial. The Audi Corporate Sound concept was created to guarantee this can be recognized based on the sound alone. It involves a wide range of tones, sounds and voices that represent Audi in the world of sound in a variety of ways. This concept has earned Audi the “red dot design award: best of the best”. Also selected for red dot honors for outstanding design quality were the sound portal and the newly interpreted sound logo, the Audi Heartbeat.

  • Audi Corporate Sound honored with prestigious design award
  • Honors for concept, sound portal and the new sound logo
  • Recognizable brand sound thanks to original car sounds, original compositions, and Audi instruments

“Our goal was for our customers to be able to recognize an Audi commercial even with their eyes closed,” said Margarita Bochmann, Project Manager at AUDI AG for Corporate Sound. “From the start we were determined to create a clear, recognizable brand sound.”

Audi wanted to define a corporate sound concept for all areas in which sound is used to present the brand, be it in commercials, at trade shows or at events. To do so, the team recorded the characteristic sounds of all Audi engines, while also compiling specific tone sequences, instruments, tone qualities and musical compositions created specifically for Audi. The variety of the recorded sounds allows them to be used flexibly in new, ever-changing compositions for all media channels – and offers maximum creative freedom to agencies and producers. “No one commercial will sound like another, for instance. Yet, the overall result is a consistent sound impression,” Bochmann said. Each artist is given the opportunity to freely design a sound creation. Recurring sounds and themes ensure that Audi can always be detected as the source.

The overall concept fell under the “best of the best category” in the red dot awards, which automatically qualifies it for the “red dot: grand prix” – the highest red dot award for design, which will be announced in December.

To make the sound concept accessible to everyone, AUDI AG has developed the Audi Sound Portal. Composers, artists and agencies can access more than 8 gigabytes of digital sound material via the Internet, ensuring that the typical Audi sound can be produced for every project around the world. In the future, registered users can upload compositions and swap experiences in discussion forums. “We want to use this to promote the continuous development of our sound,” Bochmann said.

The portal received the red dot award for its perfect combination of corporate identity with the subject of sound. Likewise honored with this award was the new version of the Audi Heartbeat – the characteristic sound logo that has concluded every commercial, product and brand film for the last 14 years. Synthetic sounds were added to the sound of an actual heartbeat, making the heartbeat even more vibrant and emotional – and making the brand’s Vorsprung durch Technik clearly audible.

Both the Audi Heartbeat and the corporate sound concept were created with the agencies s12 and Klangerfinder; To produce the Sound Portal AUDI AG worked with iconmobile.

The red dot design award is one of the world’s most highly esteemed design awards. Awards have been presented since 1955 in the categories “red dot award: product design”, “red dot award: communication design” and “red dot award: design concept”. The top priority is sophisticated and innovative design. More than 6,000 works from 44 countries were submitted this year to Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in the communication design category alone.

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