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Volkswagen Jetta TDI in Fuel Economy Guide 2009

Jetta Clean TDI is the only diesel engine in the top 10 in the USA

Volkswagen Jetta TDI in Fuel Economy Guide 2009

The Jetta TDI is amongst the ten most fuel efficient vehicles on the US market. In the recently published ‘Fuel Economy Guide 2009’ the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) listed the Jetta TDI in the top ten low consumption and low emissions vehicles.

In the current edition of the publication, the Jetta 2.0 l Clean TDI, introduced to the market two months ago, is praised particularly for its excellent consumption figures – it has a fuel consumption of 5.7 litre per 100 kilometre. Moreover, the Jetta Clean TDI also fulfils stringent Californian emission standards. This was achieved through modifications within the engine and by implementing an exhaust treatment system developed especially by Volkswagen and which reduces nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) by up to 90 percent. The central element of the exhaust treatment system is the NOx storage catalytic converter.

The Jetta, introduced in 2005, is the best-selling Volkswagen model in the USA and has long since established itself as the most popular vehicle made by a European manufacturer. The sportiest Jetta ever produced rounds off the saloon car range below the Passat.

The ‘Fuel Economy Guide’ is published annually to help consumers make informed choices as regards consumption and environmental friendliness when purchasing new vehicles. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with its headquarters in Washington D.C., is an American organisation dedicated to protecting the environment and human health. Further information on the EPA’s Fuel Economy Guide 2009 can be found under

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