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Road Review: S4 Mileage Update


The gas mileage started out a little rough. It was tough to crack 18 MPG. After talking to several people about the issue I was able to resolve it by using high-grade gasoline. I was using Hess 93 and soon found it be the problem. After switching to Shell V-Power I can easily achieve 25-29 MPG on the highway.


I wish that was the case while driving in the city. After pulling out of my driveway down a few side-roads and onto the main commute stretch the car is averaging about 8 MPG. That is with very light throttle and low RPMs. This car is heavy and it shows. After a few minutes on the main stretch I will see about 16-18 MPG trying to get through all the stop-and-go traffic. I’ve started to keep track of my weekly consumption here. It has been rough but that’s due to the wonderful traffic in Boston.

Have an S4? How are your MPG numbers?

– Mike J.

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