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Audi TT Movement: Sydney

Jamie Star over at Josh Spear posted this piece. I was not familiar with it or did get news of it via Audi Media.. anyhoo, it’s a decent piece/site with some ok design and nav but I’m ignoring that. The piece is more about the Audi TT being a work of art in itself and a collective of artist.

The intro video is quite nice.

Audi TT Movement

Audi TT Movement

Beginning and ending with the stunning design attributes of the new Audi TT, the TT Movement is a collective of artists that has formed in Australia to join their talents in an exhibition at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art for a one night show in April. The artists will be focusing on themes of technology and performance as they vie for the inaugural Audi Art Prize– a $20,000 grant and the use of a new TT for a year (photo after the jump). So far, the group they’ve assembled appears to be both talented and eclectic, and I’m excited to see what they create given their ‘inspiration.’ Even if you won’t be in Sydney in April to see the exhibition (free ticket request form on the website), you should navigate over to see the intro video they’ve put together… impressive to say the least.

Audi TT Movement: Sydney – Josh Spear

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