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Automobili Lamborghini rates first in health and safety in the workplace

Automobili Lamborghini rates first in health and safety in the workplace

Automobili Lamborghini has today been awarded a special Prize for Safety and Social Awareness by the Head of State, at the first ‘National Forum of Health and Safety in the Workplace.’ The Forum, hosted by the Alma Mater Foundation, takes place in Bologna.

Bologna University and the Alma Mater Foundation have decided to present the award to Automobili Lamborghini SpA as the automotive industry leader in Health and Safety in the workplace, “for giving great importance to safety in the workplace, as testified by the big reduction in work-related accidents at the factory; for the continuous commitment to improving Lamborghini employees’ working conditions; for the constant attention to the workforce’s overall welfare, as proven by innovative programmes aimed at preventing as well as safeguarding health; for the greatest care taken in making sure the workplace benefits from the most advanced technologies for risk analysis and prevention; and for responsible management of work conditions, not only to comply with legal and administrative regulations, but specifically to protect investments in and for people.”

This commitment has an impact in improving work conditions, from ergonomic issues relating to working areas and the introduction of new risk prevention and analysis technologies, to services aimed at fulfilling the workforce needs: a comprehensive company culture based on safety awareness.

Thanks to the various initiatives undertaken it has been possible, in the last three years, to reduce the accident frequency to a third, a level well below national average.

“Lamborghini’s strategy consists in building a real health culture and accident prevention,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA, “and for the company to show real appreciation of the work carried out by our colleagues.”

Lamborghini offers its workforce free medical services such as vaccinations, therapy and individual screening; for example, a special ‘over 45’ programme includes regular check-ups particularly focused on cardiovascular pathologies.
Workshops and courses promoting awareness and personal responsibility, aimed at production line workers, have been arranged with the help of Union representatives for health and safety.

Every employee has a fundamental role in setting up, adopting and carrying out interventions and measures to ensure the best possible working conditions, and thus reach high levels of personal motivation and co-operation.

– Automobili Lamborghini

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