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FilterMAG™ Magnetic Oil Filter System

Last night I was doing some research on gas savings etc and came across this little gem. Basically it’s a wrap that holds magnets and sticks to the sides of your oil filter. I guess the tagline says it all, “Finishes the job your filter started”.

I might check this out. It sounds like a very simple idea that works.

They also sell a transmission pad. With VW’s automatic transmissions being called “lifetime”, I think this would also be a great addition. If you haven’t seen the photo’s… I’m looking to do a tranny flush soon as I’ve passed 45k and I’m now on my way to 50k

Patented FilterMAG™ Oil Filter Magnet Technology Removes Steel Particles As Small As 2-Microns from Engine Oil.

In order for FilterMAG™ to remove minute steel particles from the oil system, its magnets must have enough energy to hold incredibly fine particles against the velocity of the oil flow. FilterMAG™’s patented design employs a focused magnetic force field, that amplifies its incredibly powerful Neodymium magnets, to generate the immense force needed to forcibly remove tiny particles below 20-micron from the oil flow; and retain increasingly smaller particles — as small as 2-microns — against the pressure of oil flow velocity.

FilterMAG™’s patented magnetic flux amplifier technology redirects the magnetic energy normally present on the far side of the magnet towards the inside of the filter canister. The flux amplifier has to be of a precise thickness to maximise the magnetic field. The circumference is adjusted to allow for manufacturing variances to result in a precise fit & alignment of the series of magnets to the filter canister. This focuses the maximum amount of magnetic energy within the oil flow. The successful and proven result is a masterpiece of automotive engineering.

In real life, FilterMAG™ works by simply placing it onto the outside of the filter housing where the magnetic force automatically snaps it into place. The ultra strong magnetic force starts to work — forcibly trapping unwanted particles “locked” against the inside walls of your traditional filter.

FilterMAG: Magnetic Oil Filters finish the Job Your Filter Started.

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