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German Castrol 0W-30

Went on a small hunt today for some of the elusive GC. This is specifically made in Germany and it will state that on the back.

I have been using the Mobil 1 0W-40 and overall have been happy but the 1.8T has been sounding a bit rough. The engine calls for a 5W-30, so I will feel a bit better now. I will also do my first UOA on the M1 0W-40 as soon as my kit comes. It will be premature as my commute is 8m one way.

GC 0W-30Why?

  • GC is a TRUE synthetic. Made from PAO/Esters, not Group III.
  • Produces great UOA results.
  • Engines run quieter and smoother. (OK, that may be an opinion.)
  • At cold temps, the 0w weight correlates to cold cranking viscosity. That means GC will still flow at cold temps. (Which is a good thing!)
  • At operating temps, the 30 weight is actually close to a 40 weight. GC is one of the thickest 30 weight oils around.

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  1. oneighturbo says:

    We love it and its properties but use it only in the winter and the Syntec 5W-40 in the heat.

  2. A says:

    So, what is your opinion of GC now that you have used it for a few years? Thanks.

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