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Follow the Race Touareg with the Iritrack system

4 days until the 2009 Dakar Rally in Argentina and Chile

One thing we love about the web today is the ability to watch, listen and view data on your computer, from where ever you are! Unfortunately, we are not reporting live from Argentina but will be able to bring you these updates, realtime.

Follow the Race Touareg with the Iritrack system

Fighting uncertainty with satellites and Internet: When the four Volkswagen Race Touareg start the Dakar Rally through Argentina and Chile on Saturday (3 January) and cover more than 9,500 kilometres through desert, Pampa and mountainous terrain till 18 January the fans can nevertheless follow the action from the comfort of their own homes.

Thanks to the Iritrack system they can monitor the progress of each vehicle live by mouse click. As a result, it is not only fans but also the team management in the next bivouac which is informed about positions, time loss and gaps during the ultra-long stages. The days of complete uncertainty as to when the participants arrive at the bivouac are over with Iritrack.

Iritrack is a satellite supported system for positioning with which the Dakar Rally stewards can determine the position and speed at any time of every single one of the 530 participants. The core component is a small transponder distributed by the rally organisers A.S.O. and fitted to every vehicle before transmitting the first signals are transmitted after the start on 3 January.

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