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WTCC: Yvan Muller clinches new podium finish for SEAT

SEAT achieved another podium finish today, thanks to the second position of Yvan Muller in the first of two races of the WTCC staged today on the British racetrack of Brands Hatch. Under little favourable conditions, and driving against much lighter cars, the León TDI had a good performance scoring important points that keep SEAT in the lead of the constructors’ championship and Muller and Tarquini, who scored points in both races, in the top two spots of the drivers’ standings.

In the first race Yvan Muller placed his SEAT León TDI in third from the very start and even though he was not able to keep the pace of the leading two drivers, he made a great race defending his position against the BMW drivers, especially against Priaulx, who spent 14 laps at his wheels, finally crossing the finish line 13 thousands of a second behind Muller. Huff’s retirement two laps before the end of the race, allowed him to finish second.

Further in the back, the SEAT Sport drivers made an attacking race, allowing Tarquini to finish second and to score two points in the championship, thanks also to the cooperation and the team spirit of Jordi Gené. With this result, Tarquini was able to start the second race in the leading group, achieving further four points, being the only SEAT driver to finish in top positions.

Yvan Muller: (SEAT León TDI no. 12): “It’s been a very hard weekend for SEAT. The ballast conditioned our cars a lot both in the turns and when braking, and it was just impossible to keep up with the pace of our rivals. We fought as hard as we could and I hope that things change for the next race”.

Gabriele Tarquini (SEAT León TDI no. 11): “My aim during the first race was finishing among the top eight. Jordi’s help was very important, so big thanks to him. The start of the second race wasn’t good and the race pace of our rivals was much faster today, so I’m happy with my fifth place”.

Jaime Puig, SEAT Sport Director: “The first race was good for SEAT. The good start made by our drivers allowed them to keep positions and get a place on the podium with Yvan. Jordi made excellent teamwork, positioning the cars in good places for the second race. However, it was difficult to keep the pace of the much lighter cars. Not only BMW and Chevrolet, but even private drivers”.


1. J.Müller (BMW)
2. Y.Muller (SEAT León TDI) + 6”595
3. A.Priaulx (BMW) + 6”785
4. A.Zanardi (BMW) + 7”772
5. T.Coronel (SEAT) + 11”496
6. F.Porteiro (BMW) + 14”623
7. G.Tarquini (SEAT León TDI) + 16”281
9. J.Gené (SEAT León TDI) + 16”518
11. R.Rydell (SEAT León TDI), + 17”497
14. P.Y.Corthals (SEAT) + 19”400
16. T.Monteiro (SEAT León TDI) + 22”604
20. L.Beirao (SEAT) + 1’11”186

1. A.Menu (Chevrolet)
2. F.Porteiro (BMW) + 1”055
3. A.Zanardi (BMW) + 1”379
4. J. Müller (BMW) + 2”172
5. G.Tarquini (SEAT León TDI) + 8”087
9. R.Rydell (SEAT León TDI), + 14”971
11. Y.Muller (SEAT León TDI) + 16”456
15. T.Monteiro (SEAT León TDI) + 21”685
16. P.Y.Corthals (SEAT) + 22”182
19. L.Beirao (SEAT) + 38”522
Ab. J.Gené (SEAT León TDI)
Ab. Tom Coronel (SEAT)


1. I. Muller (SEAT), 65 p.
2. G.Tarquini (SEAT), 64 p.
3. A.Priaulx (BMW), 49 p.
4. R.Rydell (SEAT), 48 p.
5. J.Müller (BMW), 43 p.
6. F.porteiro (BMW), 39 p.
7. R.Huff (Chevrolet) 36 p.
8. A.Menu (Chevrolet), 34 p.
9. J.Gené (SEAT), 34 p.
13. T.Monteiro (SEAT), 24 p.

1. SEAT, 194 P.
2. BMW, 165 p.
3. Chevrolet, 134 p.
4. Honda, 24 p.

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