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Road Review: 9 month 2010 Audi S4 Update

Mike Juergens, 2010 Audi S4

It’s been nine months and about 7,000 miles since I took delivery of the S4. There is so much about the car to love. The acceleration, traction, and braking ability of the car are incredible. The exhaust note under hard acceleration is amazing, especially with the S-Tronic, with a little extra burble with each up-shift.

The S4 is extremely smooth, responsive, and comfortable. The only thing that ruins the fun of the car is the law. Triple-digit speeds approach very quickly and it’s easy to loose track of how fast you’re going. Did I mention it has a quiet cabin?

The sport suspension keeps the car well planted and very smooth. It can be a bit harsh driving on these awful Boston streets. But who needs coffee? The S4 is the perfect wake up during my morning drive.


The Sports Differential is my favorite option. Taking tight turns you can feel the sports diff pushing the car into the corner. It simply makes me feel more confident in the car and willing to push it a bit harder. The drive select system that accompanies the sports diff allows you to tame the car for city driving. While switching through the modes, the changes are very noticeable. Switching from comfort to dynamic you can immediately feel the steering tighten and the throttle becomes incredibly responsive.

When stopped at an intersection, people always stop while crossing in front of it to take a look. They’re also always pointing at it. Other Audi drivers are always giving me the thumbs up. The car definitely attracts a lot of attention…and not just because of the blue paint and LED lights.

Looking for anything in particular on the S4, let me know in the comments below!

– Mike J.

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