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Porsche to introduce model between 911 GT2 RS and 918 Spyder

2012 Porsche Targa leaked

Porsche believes it needs to fill a hole in their product range. This hole exist between the 911 GT2 RS and the 918 Spyder. In their eyes, this would enable them to broaden and sustain growth.

There has always been a lot of chatter around the fact that Porsche has numerous versions of the 911. Maybe they’ve realized this, yet are seeing leaks of the 991 and now a new Targa.

Bernhard Maier said

“The car could be combined with additional variants of the Cayman and Boxster as well as extended-wheelbase and convertible versions of the Panamera four-door coupe.”

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How many of us out there are ready for an option between $340,000 and $1,075,000?

Maier also said

“We’re currently examining what options can be derived from this hole in the product range. There already are initial ideas that look very promising on paper.”

I’m sure we all would be drooling over the final model but do we or Porsche need it?

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