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2007 Nardo High-speed event

We missed this one which happened last week. While everyone has been focused on the Audi MTM Bimoto crankin out 390.6km/h, we are more impressed with a Golf being in the top 10 amongst the likes of Techart, 9ff, Sportec, Barabus, Lamborgini and more.


The one thing we love about this Golf is how stealth it is. Minus the hood vents and stickers, it looks stock. Even the O.Z rims are rather stock looking or someone threw on a set for their only mod.

It is running a 3.6l V6 biturbo Touareg engine, keeps the DSG which has been modified to handle up to 825 Nm (ha all you DSG haters) and runs everyday tires and fuel.


This all at 600HP!!! no word on torque.

Set a new world record in the street legal hatchback class with 204mph! For comparison, the MTM Bimoto did 242mph!


Top ten results at 2007 Nardo High-speed event:

1. Audi MTM Bimoto: 390.6 km/h
2. 997 Sportec SPR1: 378.4 km/h
3. 997 Techart GT Street: 358.2 km/h
4. Murcielago LP640 Edo Competition: 345.7 km/h
5. 997 Techart turbo convertible: 344.2 km/h
6. 9ff CT-78336.3 km/h
7. Brabus Maybach 57: 330.6 km/h
8. Mercedes E63sme: 330.5 km/h
9. Golf R36 HGP 327.6 km/h
10. Mercedes SL Lorinser Biturbo: 325 km/h

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