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BTCS: Three Volkswagen Scirocco’s make their debut

GC10 Martini Scirocco
Photo: © 2010 Loek Pictures

The Belgian Touring Car Series was one of many to kick off last weekend and with that three Volkswagen Scirocco’s were present. One was the wild GC10 Martini liveried Scirocco, which did not fair to well over the weekend. The others were part of the W-Racing Team squad and had a great weekend overall. They won both T3 races.

Race 1:
1. Bouvy-Kelders (Renault Megane) 54 laps 2. Vanbellingen-Stoeltie (BMW M3 Silhouette) to 01,179 3. STEVENY-Dockerill (KIA Pro_Ceed Silhouette) to 42,256 4. Moonens-Thiry (KIA Pro_Ceed Silhouette) to 49,160, 5. Latinne-Smits (VW Scirocco) at 3 laps, winnings in Q3, 6. Verdonck-Freebird (BMW 320d), 7. Viron-Richard (Touring Cup) winners in S2 8. Adriaenssens (SEAT Leon), 9. Franck (SEAT Leon) 10. Minette-Piron (SEAT Leon) 4 laps 11. Rosoux-Capocci (SEAT Leon) 12. Den Boer-Rijnbeek (BMW 320d) 13. Gosselin-Choque (VW Scirocco) 5 laps 14. Stevens (Renault Clio winner in Q2 15. Grouwels-Grouwels (Renault Clio) … 26. Naniot-Deridder (Toyota Yaris) to 12 rounds, winning in T1

Race 2:
1-Bouvy Kelders (Renault Megane), 48 laps 2. Thiry-Moonens (KIA) to 1.17.284 3. Verdonck-Freebird (BMW 320d) at 1 lap, winners in Q3, 4. Adriaenssens (SEAT Leon) at 2 laps, 5. Piron Minette (SEAT Leon) 6. Franck (SEAT Leon) 7. Pulinx-Damoiseau (GC 10.1) 8. Den Boer-Rijnbeek (BMW 320d), 9. Radermecker-van de Poele (Volvo S60 Silhouette) at 3 laps 10. Polderman (Renault Clio), winner in Q2 11. Stevens (Renault Clio), 12. Grouwels-Grouwels (Renault Clio), 13. Latinne-Smits (VW Scirocco) 14. Katsers-Plennevaux (Toyota Altezza), 15. Mertens-Legrand (Renault Clio) … 27. Naniot-Deridder (Toyota Yaris) to 21 laps, winning in T1

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