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Post Race Recap: Arciero Miller Racing in the Baja 1000

After the Baja 1000 was over and the dust settled we knew that the Volkswagen Touareg Trophy truck had finished 13th and that it had suffered from a gearbox failure.  This video is pretty informative, explaining what happened during the race as well as discussing some of the extremely sophisticated technology which was applied to the Touareg Trophy Truck.  Both Mark Miller and Ryan Arciero discuss their experiences from this years Baja 1000.

“Das Baja” Film Trailer

Chingadare Films is producing the film “Das Baja” which features Arceiro Miller Racing and their Volkswagen Race Touareg Trophy Truck, purpose built to tackle the extreme challenges of the Baja 1000.  This film should provide some great insight as to the months of dedication and work which was put into the development of this amazing vehicle.  This trailer was also some of the best footage we have seen thus far of the Touareg Trophy Truck in action, tearing up the desert!

Volkswagen Baja 1000 Touareg TDI gallery

We now have over 60+ images in the gallery. We still have no idea how VW is doing. We have the pics but no news from them. Tracking on the Baja Touareg TDI has been all over the place, even putting them back in California.

The BFGoodrich site was a big fail. (

Click the image for hi-res gallery

Volkswagen Baja 1000 Touareg TDI gallery updated

We now have over 50+ images in the gallery. We will update as the race progresses. You really need to check out the shots of what makes the Baja 1000 what it is!

That’s Mark Miller, Ryan Arciero in the middle. Click the image for hi-res gallery

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