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First Drive: North American GTI

NA VW GTIVWvortex has posted a very nice article on the NA GTI.

So it seems only fitting that Volkswagen decided up front to squash any idea that the American-bound GTI is significantly watered down offering us a first drive of the North American-spec cars on some of Europe’s most famous driving roads, including sections found in the FIA World Rally Championship Monte Carlo Rally route. So how is it you ask? After flogging a U.S. spec GTI for a whole day over these types of roads I’m happy to report that it left me with a huge grin on my face. In fact I went back out a second time to drive the first part of the drive route nearly running out of fuel in the process, returning the car with brakes smoking and my mind thoroughly baked from the experience. If there were such a thing as a Vehicular Therapeutic Spa for car enthusiasts this is it.

First Drive: North American GTI

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