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Panamera Lumma Design CLR 700GT

Panamera Lumma Design CLR 700GT

Not convinced by Porsche’s Panamera? Regard modified Cayennes as steroid munching off roaders? Lumma Design may have the answer.

The Lumma Design CLR 700GT is a lower, louder, much more meaner version of Porsche’s controversial looking, luxury four-seater saloon.

Panamera Lumma Design CLR 700GT

The addition of what can only be described as a ‘racy’ looking body kit and a reduction in ride height by 35mm, the Panamera suddenly takes on a much more GT2/3-esque Porsche demeanour.

Lumma Design have created a new carbon-fibre bonnet and added large wing vents to further draw your attention away from the ugly rear and improve high speed airflow.

Panamera Lumma Design CLR 700GT

New 22-inch racing wheels covering upgraded brakes will provide the stopping power and the addition of extra spoilers, diffusers and exhaust systems complete the ‘luxury race car for the road’ look.

Promising just shy of 700hp the CLR 700GT will provide passengers with something else to think about other than the quirky external appearance of Porsche’s Panamera.

The Lumma Design is still in the design stages but just look at it! Whether the appearance is to your liking or not, the ‘ugly bum’ syndrome is suddenly not the focus of your attention.


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