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VICI Racing moves into new race shop with possible American Audi R8 LMS debut

VICI Racing Audi R8 LMS

One of our favorite teams and Porsche’s was that of VICI Racing. The T-Mobile livery on the Porsche 911 GT3 RSR always looked good. Richard Westbrook and Johannes Stuck were always there pushing the pace in the American Le Mans Series. We last saw VICI race at Laguna Seca at the end of 2009.

VICI Racing is back and they look to be the first American team to bring an Audi R8 LMS stateside. VICI Racing recently announced its new state-of-the-art race shop. With 10,000 square meters, it has been design to house a multi-car ALMS effort.

Along with the news, we noticed a new image on their site. It would have gone unnoticed if it was a Porsche. However it is an Audi R8 LMS that has been doctored with a few sponsor logos. We also noticed a Audi Sport R8 LMS Partner logo on the site. There is no official word from VICI or Audi but we are looking into it.

VICI Racing is currently completing another piece of the jigsaw of its long term racing future, namely the team is this week moving into a brand new spacious state-of-the-art race shop and offices which will be followed by a further development comprising of expansive warehousing along with additional offices and a conference room, all together in one purpose-built facility.

VICI Racing's new shop

The 10,000 square metre facility has been specially commissioned by the team and designed expressly with a multi-car ALMS future in mind. The new race shop will offer the availability for up to four bays for race cars along with the flexibility to carry out the requirements of a Research & Development programme in an optimum manner.

Phase 2 of the development, currently underway in the build stage, will see a dedicated warehouse commissioned with adequate space to hold significant inventories, further offices and conference room, while the third and final phase will see a second race shop, primarily for customer cars, added to the new complex. Creating an optimum working environment our staff has been a core component of the project’s planning and the entire building is fully air-conditioned. Respect for the environment has also been a parameter of the project, both through the build phase and in the final product, in particular with the use of the latest ‘eco’ materials, overall future energy saving, and methodologies. Managing the smooth transition to the new complex has been the responsibility of Mike Zaric (VICI Racing, General Manager) and Alex Zaric (VICI Racing, Team Manager).

VICI Racing's new shop

The team has maintained its long-time Miami, Florida area location; however the new complex is now just half mile from the Palm Beach International Raceway (formerly known as the Moroso Motorsports Park), a circuit that we regularly use for testing. With a 2.25-mile, 10 turn circuit plus a 1/4 mile straight drag strip, the multipurpose facilities of the Palm Beach International Raceway makes it an ideal venue for development work as well as for car shakedowns.

With close interaction between VICI Racing and its partners being at the core of the relationship, the new facility will include integrated conference, office and entertaining facilities, allowing the team’s partners to use the facility for operation B2B meetings as well as training and educational aspects, with the interaction – as required – of VICI Racing personnel, all to the backdrop of a professional race team.

VICI Racing's new shop

VICI Racing Team President Ron C Meixner says: “We’re pleased to be finally moving into our new race shop, after quite some time in the planning stage. Being able to design the facility in detail from scratch has allowed us to build new premises that will more than adequately provide for the long-term future of the team and offer ideal working conditions for our staff. I’m more than satisfied with the work of the architects and construction team we commissioned to undertake the project and we have done our best to ensure that disruption to our programme is kept to a minimum. The facility has also been designed for additional use by our partners and we hope that they will find the backdrop of the race team at work a motivating factor.”

– VICI Racing

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