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FLGNTLT (pronounced ´filgen tilt´) is an automotive apparel brand that’s been killin it lately! Their designs are spot on with the culture and the vids these guys put out are ones to watch over and over! Check their latest capture from Worthersee Tour 2013 and then head over and grab some new shirts! Continue reading ‘WORTHERSEE TOUR 2013 by FLGNTLT’

24 Hours in Paris by Stephen Brooks

24 Hours in Paris by Stephen Brooks, RS SYCO, Rotiform SNA, Audi RS4 Avant

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We’ve featured a good number of Stephen Brooks films on and this one may have put him on the go to list! Featuring one of the hottest talents to hit the entire community is RS SYCO. RS SYCO is no Jenna Jameson but an Audi RS4 Avant sprayed in Lamborghini orange and sitting on Rotiform SNA’s. Close enough! Continue reading ’24 Hours in Paris by Stephen Brooks’

Ryan McCrae: Project MK2 Golf

Ryan McCrae: Project MK2 Golf, Vimeo

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Two brothers, Brook and Jayden Miller share one way too low MK2 Golf. 20mm off the ground, all the time. With a static drop this low there’s no chance of getting over anything or into any petrol station. Curb feelers own! Continue reading ‘Ryan McCrae: Project MK2 Golf’

Audi Magazine Slide To Unlock ad

Awesome! Created by AlmapBBDO who does a good bit for VW and Audi.

The ad is running on the Revista Istoe app. You’ll need to download it onto your iPad. Once you have it, download the 09/11/2001 issue. Swipe 8x and that’s where we found it.

We Are Players by Stephen Brooks

We Are Players by Stephen Brooks

A short film from the recent Scene Media x Players BBQ held at Meguiars HQ in the UK .. fantastic afternoon with some cool cars, cool people and good food! Continue reading ‘We Are Players by Stephen Brooks’

Eurokracy 2011 powered by Unitronic Chipped

Eurokracy Unitronic Fuelriders

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Unitronic and Fuelriders bring ya this amazing clip from Eurokracy back in June. Eurokracy is one hell of an event thats lives up to the hype of Montreal’s Finest Euro Show.

Euro might equal German brands but dont get caught off guard when you see a Lamborghini, GT-R or some flushed Subaru’s. Burn, Drag, Stance and Limbo competitions… Continue reading ‘Eurokracy 2011 powered by Unitronic Chipped’

MIVW 2010 by Wolfsgruppe

Oneighturbo MIVW 2010 Wolfsgruppe 062011

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A short film from one of the greatest european VW meetings – Men In Volkswagen 2010. Just under 9 minutes long, it features some amazing rides, from air-cooled to A3’s. Super clean bay’s to super low stance. Continue reading ‘MIVW 2010 by Wolfsgruppe’

Depth Of Speed trailer from Josh Clason and Hypebeast


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Starting on Thursday, June 16th, Josh Clason presents his newest web series airing on HBTV. It is a 10 part web series in collaboration with that focuses on automotive culture. It is a more in-depth look at the lives, ideas, and passion behind cars and car culture. Continue reading ‘Depth Of Speed trailer from Josh Clason and Hypebeast’

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