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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Pringles kickoff summer of festivals

VW Pringles Bulli

The summer festival season is about to begin. Together with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Pringles is launching a big summer campaign throughout Europe. The Volkswagen Bulli plays a very special role as it is the central icon of the campaign. Four Bullis will be taking part in 13 festivals in Western Europe and 20 city events in Germany. The Pringles Bulli will be at the centre of stalls and a stage where various contests will be held. Fans using mobile networks can, via free WiFi hotspots on the metre high multimedia tins, post photos and videos they have taken themselves to their Facebook profile.

The appearance of the classic Volkswagen Bulli with an elaborate paint finish and a gigantic Pringles tube on the roof creates a stir visually – and acoustically. The passenger compartment has been converted to a control room for mobile DJs who lay down some “festival” beats. The “roof tube” is not just for decoration, it is in fact a loud-speaker. The Bulli is accompanied by Crafters and Multivans with Pringles branding that ensure that the equipment for the shows reaches the various venues quickly and reliably.

VW Pringles Bulli

The party continues on the Pringles homepage and Facebook: this is where owners of smartphones can follow live tweets from the corresponding venues. By entering the codes from three Pringles campaign tubes, competitors have the chance to win loudspeakers in the shape of Pringles tubes and other prizes as well in the exclusive competition. Under the heading “Follow the van”, user-generated photos and videos keep fans up to date on the latest activities of the Pringles Bulli.
Pringles city events.

The Pringles Bulli will be making appearances at big concert events. Fans will also have the opportunity to take part in the celebrations with the classic Volkswagen Transporter at Pringles mini festivals in many European towns. While DJs get the party going on the outdoor dance areas, Pringles promoters will be distributing free samples and various giveaways. German towns that could be included on the tour are Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

*Note: The homepage and facebook campaigns are lousy. The facebook page looks to be U.S based and there is no word on it about this partnership.


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