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Worthersee 2013: +500hp VW Design Vision GTI

Worthersee this year, it is a visionary GTI for car racing—the “Design Vision GTI.” An unmatched 370 kW / 503 PS Golf

The GTI meeting at Worthersee is a veritable cult and pure automobile passion. Just like the car everybody is celebrating and driving there. There ought to be 150,000 fans showing up again in 2013. From 8 through 11 May 2013, they will turn the Austrian city of Reifnitz into a Mecca of the GTI scene. Traditional highlight: the world premiere of a concept car conceived by Volkswagen engineers and designers especially for the meeting. This year, it is a visionary GTI for car racing—the “Design Vision GTI.” An unmatched 370 kW / 503 PS Golf. The progressive design study is based on the seventh-generation GTI that was launched just now in Europe, transferring the design and power potential of the icon to the world of car racing. Visually, particularly intriguing: The design team under the aegis of Klaus Bischoff (Head of Design of Volkswagen Brand) has drawn the C pillars and side sills outward as autonomous body elements, thus creating space for substantially enlarged track widths and specially developed 20-inch wheels (with 235 tires in the front, 275 tires in the rear). The “Design Vision GTI” achieves 300 km/h, and despite extreme modifications, it comes across as very homogeneous thanks to the precise styling based on the Volkswagen design DNA: this “Super-GTI” could start tomorrow in a racing series! Continue reading ‘Worthersee 2013: +500hp VW Design Vision GTI’

Sexy, high heeled lady meets the Golf GTI 35 Edition

Oneighturbo Golf GTI 35 Edition 060211

Take one hot German gal, sprinkle in some dance tunes, give her a Golf GTI 35 Edition and let her go wild on a track… *Hint: Could borderline NSFW! Continue reading ‘Sexy, high heeled lady meets the Golf GTI 35 Edition’

Origins of the Volkswagen GTI on its 35th Anniversary


The Golf GTI has been in existence for 35 years now. Officially. But of course its history actually began much earlier, and that part of its story is unofficial. A group of enthusiasts – devotees of the dynamic side of Volkswagen – initially advanced the “Sport Golf” project in secret starting in 1974. Taking the lead roles here were Anton Konrad, former PR director, and Alfons Lowenberg, an engineer with petrol coursing through his blood… Continue reading ‘Origins of the Volkswagen GTI on its 35th Anniversary’

World debut of the Golf GTI Edition 35 at Worthersee

Golf GTI Edition 35
World debut at Worthersee:

Golf Edition 35

Gallery after the jump!

35 years of the Golf GTI! Volkswagen is celebrating the anniversary of this icon with the new Golf GTI Edition 35. 173 kW / 235 PS of power (25 PS more than the normal GTI) and a fast 247 km/h top speed; 6 kg/PS power density. It will be a collector’s item from day one – arriving right on the 35th anniversary of the GTI legend. Back in the summer of 1976 – when the very first production GTI was launched – no one ever would have surmised what Volkswagen had just unleashed. No one. Not even Volkswagen itself. Some things simply cannot be planned – icons included. And so the first Golf GTI surprised everyone: buyers, competitors, the carmaker and – on the Autobahn – all those drivers of other sports cars and luxury saloons who had never heard of such a thing from Volkswagen, but were now being passed by it. Since then, the GTI advanced to become the most successful compact sports car in automotive history. 5,000 GTIs were planned – yet the GTI of our day is irrepressibly approaching the production milestone of 2 million units built! Continue reading ‘World debut of the Golf GTI Edition 35 at Worthersee’

VW announces Golf Edition 35 with 235hp

Golf Edition 35

Gallery after the jump!

In honor of the hot-hatch GTI’s 35th anniversary, Volkswagen is launching a special edition for all the enthusiast out there. Equipped with the all new exterior design, exclusive 35th aesthetics and 235hp under the hood, it’s sure to set you apart from the others.

Let’s also not forget the Golf24, which it and its livery are in honor of the 35th anniversary. Continue reading ‘VW announces Golf Edition 35 with 235hp’

Volkswagen Golf GTI Excessive presented at Worthersee 2010

Golf GTI Excessive, Worthersee 2010

A long-standing tradition every year at the GTI-Meet at Wörthersee – the largest of its kind in the world – is that Volkswagen likes to surprise its fans: not only with exciting new production models, but with breathtaking concept cars as well. In 2007, it was the “Über-Golf” GTI W12-650, in 2008 the “Sound Machine” Golf Estate RaVe 270 and in 2009 the Golf GTI Wörthersee 09, a concept on which meet fans got a preview of the new LED rear lights. This year, Volkswagen is presenting fans in Reifnitz with the Golf GTI Excessive. This concept car illustrates the great design potential of the Golf GTI and how it might develop in the future. (continue reading…)

Golf GTI adidas – The Most Exclusive GTI of the Modern Era

Golf GTI adidas, Worthersee 2010

Starting in June, three of the world’s most renowned German badges – Volkswagen, GTI and adidas – will for the first time meld to form a combined product: the Golf GTI adidas. Volkswagen is presenting the most exclusive Golf GTI of generation VI in a world premiere at the legendary GTI-Meet at Wörthersee (12 to 15 May in the Austrian Reifnitz). The Golf GTI adidas is likely to attain collector’s status very quickly, given the histories of today’s classic cars in the mould of the two Golf Pirelli GTIs (1983 and 2007) and the Golf GTI Edition 30 (2006). (continue reading…)

Changes keep coming for’s Golf GTI

The guys over at are back at it and getting their Golf GTI up to speed, literally. Phil and the team were down on this area during the first UAE Touring Car Championship race choosing to run stock drive line due to budget constraints and a desire to see just how fast they could make the car go by playing with the chassis.

Changes keep on coming for's Golf GTI

As you can imagine though, going heads up with SEAT Supercopa’s with stock performance was never going to be enough. So after the first race where they were left behind they decided that selling up was the route to take. However after a bit of thought out went the initial idea of selling the Golf to buy a SEAT and in came power and some other chassis changes.

Now we love the SEAT Supercopas but after talking to Phil, we are happier they stayed with the GTI and are moving forward with development on it.

Head over to for the complete article and pics!

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