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Golf GTI Cabrio Austria at Worthersee Lake

Golf GTI Cabrio Austria at Worthersee Lake featured on

The Golf GTI Cabrio Austria with 333 PS (245 kW) is a twofold premiere: it is the first time Volkswagen apprentices have designed a cabriolet for the GTI Festival at the Worthersee Lake in Austria and it is the first ever collaboration between junior talents from Wolfsburg and Osnabruck. Thirteen apprentices of four professions built a two-seater in red-white-red, the national colors of the host country. Today, they are presenting their sporty open-air car to GTI fans from across the world. Continue reading ‘Golf GTI Cabrio Austria at Worthersee Lake’

VW Golf GTD celebrates its world premiere in Geneva

VW Golf GTD celebrates its world premiere in Geneva

Over the past three decades, fans of the Golf GTD have been excited by the car’s combination of fuel efficiency and sporty performance and looks. At this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, Volkswagen debuts the latest version of this fuel-sipping sporty compact, which features a 184-hp version of the new EA288 TDI turbocharged, direct-injection, four-cylinder diesel engine that already complies with the challenging EU-6 emissions standard. Continue reading ‘VW Golf GTD celebrates its world premiere in Geneva’

Volkswagen’s 261mpg XL1 can now be yours… maybe

The XL1 from Volkswagen is the most fuel-efficient production car in the world, with a fuel consumption value of 0.9 l/100 km

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It could be yours but Volkswagen has not released any info on production numbers or cost, so keep saving those hard-earned pennies. With an average fuel consumption of 261 miles per gallon and a range of 50km on battery alone, ones savings in the end will be quiet handsome.

Roughly ten years ago, Volkswagen started on this journey to have a practical car with a fuel consumption of one liter per 100 km. At the 83rd Geneva Motor Show, the XL1 will become a reality. Underneath that space-age design is a very slippery, ultra-light daily driver. Drag is rated at 0.189 with curb weight hitting 795 kg or 1752 lbs. Whose pushing the boundaries? Continue reading ‘Volkswagen’s 261mpg XL1 can now be yours… maybe’

New Beetle Cabriolet with legendary design and sporting appeal

New Beetle Cabriolet with legendary design and sporting appeal

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Some special cars reflect the fundamental attitude of their owners – the new Beetle Cabriolet is such a car. Driving this Volkswagen shows that the people inside really enjoy a sporty design, colors and driving with the top down. Even ordering the new Beetle Cabriolet will be a cult act for most buyers – because many more options are available to express your individual taste than ever before: five standard equipment versions are available (“Beetle,” “Design,” “Design Exclusive,” “Sport” and “Sport Exclusive”) as well as three special models (“50’s Edition,” “60’s Edition” and “70’s Edition”). Continue reading ‘New Beetle Cabriolet with legendary design and sporting appeal’

Volkswagen introduces Golf R Cabriolet

Volkswagen introduces Golf R-series Cabriolet

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For at least a decade now the “R” model identifier has referred to the most powerful Volkswagen cars in the compact class. So far, they have always been cars with solid steel roofs and some with sliding sunroofs. Now, Volkswagen is introducing an open-top R model for the first time: the new Golf R Cabriolet. This sports car will be delivered to customers by spring 2013; and these early purchasers will be driving the most powerful and fastest Golf Cabriolet cars ever. Continue reading ‘Volkswagen introduces Golf R Cabriolet’

Volkswagen Beetle GSR hits the Chicago Auto Show

Volkswagen Beetle GSR hits Chicago Auto Show

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Volkswagen is on a little tear when it comes to dressing up the Beetle lately. Yesterday’s announcement of their new “As sun as possible” campaign focuses on the 50s, 60s and 70s special editions of the Beetle Cabriolet. Now we’ve got the limited edition Beetle GSR. Stemming from the Rally days of the 1970’s, the Beetle 1303 S emerged. The 1303 referenced the type and not engine displacement and was also known as the Super Beetle. The GSR stands for Gelb-Schwarzen Renner or Yellow-Black Racer. Back then “styling” was considered “tuning” hence the yellow and black livery and no real power advantages.

As it was then, the 2014 Beetle GSR gets a nice styling makeover and a bit more power at 210hp. 3500 we’re made between December 1972 and February of 1973. Todays Beetle GSR will also have 3500 on hand worldwide. About half should hit U.S shores at $26,500. Continue reading ‘Volkswagen Beetle GSR hits the Chicago Auto Show’

Beetle Cabriolet heads out on Hawaiian road trip

Beetle Cabriolet, Father and Sun print campaign

Volkswagen is starting its first new-format digital campaign to coincide with the market launch of the Beetle Cabriolet. “As sun as possible” is the motto of the campaign in which six young trend setters share their experiences during a tour of Hawaii in the new Beetle Cabriolet using social networks and websites. On the same occasion, the Beetle website is being re-launched and there are new advertising motifs for print media. Continue reading ‘Beetle Cabriolet heads out on Hawaiian road trip’

Watch Volkswagens Get In Get Happy SuperBowl 47 spot

Volkswagen returns to the Big Game with 60-second ad showcasing its latest campaign “Get In. Get Happy”

It’s that time again, Superbowl commercial mayhem. In our opinion, this new “release them early” doesn’t work. Volkswagen of America, Inc. unveiled its highly anticipated Superbowl 47 Game Day commercial. You can catch “Get Happy” after the jump before it airs in the second quarter of the Big Game. We’ve also posted the “Sunny Side” pre-game spot. Continue reading ‘Watch Volkswagens Get In Get Happy SuperBowl 47 spot’

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