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Governor Schwarzenegger visit’s VW exhibit

This is actually good news for us here in the states! If he is enthusiastic about VW’s offerings especially the engines, then we may see ‘em here in the future. Our savings plan is started, how about yours?

On another note (see pic), Arnold is 6ft 2in and during his bodybuilding days, came in at 235lbs. Seeing him in the space up! shows us that it’s not that small.

Governor Schwarzenegger visit's VW exhibit

Los Angeles, – California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger officially opened the International Los Angeles Auto Show earlier this morning. Touring the show after the press conference, he had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of the recently unveiled Volkswagen space up! blue concept car. At a length of only 12 feet, it has a surprisingly large amount of room for four passengers and offers a realistic look into the future of zero-emission car travel in the future.

Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO of Volkswagen of America, Inc. shared the space up! blue concept car with Govenor Schwarzenegger. This concept car is powered by both electric propulsion and a high temperature hydrogen fuel cell. The space up! blue concept design was inspired by the classic deluxe microbus of the 50’s and 60’s, and is the third member of the up!-family. Volkswagen has previously revealed a two-door up! concept car in Frankfurt and a four-door space up! was shown in Tokyo.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, famous as an actor and a politician, showed great interest in alternative fuel vehicles on display such as clean diesel power. Volkswagen of America, Inc. will be the first to bring clean diesel TDI technology to all 50 states. The initial models equipped with the all-new clean diesel engine will be the Jetta Sedan and Jetta SportWagen. Volkswagen’s clean diesel TDI technology meets the world´s most stringent emission regulations, enabling 50 state availability.

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