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Leaked Volkswagen Scirocco brochure – debunked

Ok. Again we don’t like to post spy shots, leaks etc. Yes, sometimes they are fun and they get you jazzed.. but sometimes they are just ridiculous.

Hence the latest buzz about this leaked Volkswagen Scirocco brochure… we checked it out and found a hint to the Eos brochure. (we forget where so if you do see it let us know so we can give credit).

and what is with the cover shot… 1/2 a car?

Either way, we pulled the Eos piece and photochopped this together in about 10min.

#1 is the leaked image. #2 is the photochop and #3 is the original Eos page. No, it’s not perfect but damn close..

Leaked Volkswagen Scirocco brochure - debunked

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  1. DAX says:

    Nice catch dude!! It absolutely is either a photochop job, or the designers handling the brochure were “reusing” some elements. lol

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