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Nearly all Volkswagen vehicles can use the planned E10 fuel

* This obviously doesn’t effect America.

First-generation FSI engines are the only exceptions

With only a few exceptions, all Volkswagen-brand vehicles can run on the planned E10 fuel. For Volkswagen customers, the use of this new fuel, which, according to new legislation, may contain up to 10% ethanol in the future, will present no problem. According to plans of the federal government in Germany, this new type of fuel is to be offered at filling stations beginning 1 January, 2009.

The new fuel types “normal E10″ and “super E10″ are not suitable for vehicles having first-generation FSI engines. This affects a few Lupo, Polo, Golf, Bora and Touran models built between 2000 and 2004, and in individual cases to 2006. These vehicles must be filled with the type “super plus E5.”

The reason for this is that parts which transport fuel, in particular the high-pressure fuel pumps and fuel rails of these engines, may fail if the new E10 fuel types are used. However, owners of these vehicles will not be disadvantaged because these cars were intended to use predominantly super plus fuels.

– Volkswagen

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