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Hack Your Beetle Bud Vase Into One Mantastic iPhone Stand

I’ve always had a character of some sort in my vase. The armrest has always held the pen, tire pressure gauge, gum and a Touareg LED light. The iPhone always sits in a cup holder.

Speaking of Beetle Bud Vase hacks, this one would go great with the blue LED that illuminates the vase like a crystal. I am not running this anymore but it does give me a project! Oh and add one of our iPhone wallpapers and your good to go!


If you own an iPhone, and you’re a confirmed dude either by birth or surgical enhancement, and you also drive a new VW Beetle (by choice), then I have brilliant news for you. Nathan Barry, the same “lifehacker” dude we introduced you to with his DIY iPhone Digital Clock Stand, has fashioned a slick DIY iPhone holder from the girly VW Beetle bud vase. Finally, a mantastic option emerges!

iPhone Savior

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