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New launched

Man am I extremely disappointed in this but what do you expect from CP&B! I need to contact a friend who went to their new Boulder diggs.

It’s late for me but I’ll type a few thoughts… Overall I am not impressed with the aesthetic, palette, bulky nasty flash work etc. This big ass honkin nav bar thing that you can drag around (whoopie, we did that years ago) looks to mimic an old school tape deck with buttons. The blue glass glow is reminiscent of Apple back in the “berry” days..

The configuration piece is just reused/re-purposed from the GTI Fast launch.. That was great and should have been left to that.

The Compare-o-tron.. WTF! Big let down. It just goes so far yet doesn’t go far enough.

new VW site

new VW site

new VW site

new VW site

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  1. YAWN says:

    Another example of what not to do in digital. Bravo VW you are now in posession of the worst automotive OEM web site ever made.

  2. Luke Dorny says:

    Crispy Portions are Bogus.

    Nice work, though it feels constrained to 5 pages. One page for each flash section.
    No ‘back’, no ‘forward’ no control.

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