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Rendered Speculation: 2012 Volkswagen New Beetle

We asked you to stop with the crap speculations back in November. (*Note – we’re not posting that render again. Head over to Autoblog or the link above)

If I was going to do a render of this so called 2012 model, I wouldn’t use an image from a 2002-2004 model as a base. VW has brought in a subtle angularity to the lines that define shoulders, bumpers, lights etc.

We saw it’s intro in 2005 with the Ragster.

So now, the space up! comes out. Let’s take the front grill and paste it in. Work it a little and call it a day. Oh and the rear.

If I looked through our database of images, I’m more than positive I could find the ones used.

If your going to make these claims and go through the grind of creating, make them GOOD!

The New Beetle is old. It needed to be retired at the end of a 10yr stint. I drive one, I know. If anything use the VW tone of yesterday’s ads, bring the wit and humor, add some green trendy voice and make the Beetle a great option for the future. BTW, that last sentence does not say hippy anywhere.

I love the Ragster! A lot of New Beetle owners do but those are the die-hard New Beetle enthusiast. It would attract a select few. Just look at the R32 MKV.. Great car but nothing over the MKIV. Most with smarts would go GTI and some mod’s and your laying down some rubber!

In this day, an aggressive Ragster, is a little late in the game. Bring the engines over here! Bring the Lupo, Polo etc over here. Oh and shows this. Drop the New Beetle and BRING THE FRIGGIN SCIROCCO HERE!!!

: “From Brenda Priddy:

We’re expecting a new look for Volkswagen’s retro-styled New Beetle in 2012, as well as a new variant – a ‘speedster’ model.

Our illustrator, working with information he’s picked up along the way – as well as some VW styling cues that have been recently detailed at Auto Shows around the world – has put together these three renderings.

The 2012 New Beetle will be riding on the new Golf VI platform, and will offer a nice selections of powerplants, as well as VW’s DG dual-clutch gearbox.”

(Via Rendered Speculation: 2012 Volkswagen New Beetle, Cabriolet and Speedster – Autoblog.)

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