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The new Scirocco awaits you.

Volkswagen launches Scirocco microsite. Great work here! On of the best micro’s in a long time! The piece is very exciting and gets you quite jazzed about the new Volkswagen Scirocco (even if we are not going to see it in America).

Volkswagen Scirocco microsite

I’m not sure about the business man but it does tell you that a professional young male can drive a VW and not opt for another brand to look good. He also seems like a bit of a brand loyalist but could be a new owner *He does leave his Apple MacBook Pro sitting on the table as he leaves… maybe he has $$$$ which could mean he can afford an even higher priced vehicle.

Volkswagen Scirocco microsite

Click on the center cube + hold and spin, then let go. A fun navigation element.

Another thing to note: We never look at a car, top down. Check this shot. The Volkswagen Scirocco looks great at this angle. It makes you wonder why we don’t and how a designer approaches this. Also how does the designer feel about know his/her work is never appreciated in this manner?

Volkswagen Scirocco microsite

He knows you like curves. He knows you love adrenaline. He knows you are like the first. Starting today, you can also find out more about the new Scirocco. Packed in an exciting story, we present the first detailed information!

Directly to the new Scirocco

Your Volkswagen Online Team

– Volkswagen

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