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Volkswagen Group specifies globally valid environmental guidelines for vehicles

Volkswagen Group sets out binding environmental principles for products

The Volkswagen Group has always attached great importance to the environmental compatibility of its vehicles. Now, the company has drawn up principles for the sustainable development and production of its models. These form part of the Group’s environmental strategy and serve as a guideline for all brands and regions worldwide.

The environmental principles cover three main areas.

First: The Volkswagen Group is working on reducing the fuel consumption of its vehicles and lowering greenhouse gas emissions with a view to making a significant contribution to climate protection.

Second: Resource efficiency and resource conservation are watchwords across the Group. Optimum recyclability and the use of renewable and secondary raw materials are particularly important. Moreover, alternative powertrain technologies will be developed and made available, and the use of alternative fuels and other energy storage systems, taking account of regional availability, will be fostered.

Third: Health protection. In this context, the focus is on exhaust emissions and interior emissions as well as reducing exterior and interior noise levels.

The goal of the Volkswagen Group is to develop each model in such a way that, in its entirety, it presents better environmental properties than its predecessor. ‘The new environmental principles confirm this course and continue along this route in the interests of our customers and sustainable development. Each Group brand defines its own positioning in terms of environmental concerns; the Volkswagen brand, for example, is seeking to position itself as the world’s greenest automaker,’ Günter Damme, Head of Environmental Affairs, Group Research, Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, commented.

The continuous improvement of the Group’s model range in respect of environmental compatibility and resource conservation is an integral part of corporate policy and an expression of the company’s responsibility towards customers, society and the environment. Global growth in mobility and increasing levels of urbanization present particular challenges.

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