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Volkswagen to Spotlight ‘Punch Dub’ Game in Super Bowl Ad with Tracy Morgan

Flippin hilarious! A classic road-trip game that I grew up with and I’m sure most of you reading this. I have 3 younger brothers so you can imagine what that was like. This is just one game that will never die. Lets hear your stories!

Das Auto!

Volkswagen Introduces Classic ‘Punch Buggy’ Game with Modern Day Twist; Super Bowl Ad Features Cameo from Actor and Comedian Tracy Morgan

Volkswagen of America, Inc. announced today a new campaign called ‘Punch Dub,’ an update on the classic Punch Buggy game, designed to increase model awareness and familiarity by reminding consumers of all the Volkswagens on the road. The ‘Punch Dub’ campaign is based on the classic game that kids used to play back in the original Beetle’s heyday called ‘Punch Buggy’ (or ‘Slug Bug’), where the first person to see a Beetle would yell, ‘Punch Bug’ and playfully slug his or her friend. Volkswagen will debut the ‘Punch Dub’ (as in VEE-Dub) campaign in a 30-second ad during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLIV and through a new online campaign. The ad, which includes a special cameo by actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, will show a variety of people in different driving situations gently slugging others in the arm every time they spot a Routan, Tiguan, CC or any other Volkswagen model.


‘Punch Dub is a fun, engaging way to reintroduce Volkswagen and its growing product family to millions of Americans during one of the most watched television events of the year, the Super Bowl,’ said Tim Ellis, Vice President of Marketing, Volkswagen of America. ‘The campaign is a modern twist on a classic game that has been played on America’s highways for generations and will help consumers gain a new perspective on the breadth of our vehicle offerings, quality, performance and value.’

‘Volkswagen is one of the most beloved brands in this country, but people have a misperception that it only sells cars for the young. We needed to find a way to let people know that Volkswagen makes thirteen different models, in a way that still felt right for the brand,’ said Eric Hirshberg, CEO/Chief Creative Officer of Deutsch LA. ‘Changing the game of ‘Punch Bug’ to the game of ‘Punch Dub’ and making it about all Volkswagen is the perfect way to do that. It tells you something nobody knows in a way that everyone can relate to.’

Volkswagen is also revealing that it has found the creator of the original game, Charlie ‘Sluggy’ Patterson. Fans can interact with Sluggy beginning today with a special posterous blog and Twitter feed and in a series of videos on YouTube.

An online version of ‘Punch Dub’ on Facebook will launch on Super Bowl Sunday and will engage people with the entire Volkswagen product family and encourage people to dole out virtual ‘slugs’ to friends and family. Players will simply pick any one of thirteen Volkswagen vehicles, customize their punch and choose a Facebook friend. An online guide will help players develop and hone their punching techniques. The more friends you punch, the better your chances are of winning a weekly prize (6-month leases on specific vehicles listed online) and the Grand Prize: a new Volkswagen CC.

– Volkswagen of America

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