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A completely quick New Beetle

OH SHIZ! This is hot! I wasn’t planning on another New Beetle but shiat this new design is incredible.

Now if your reading, I posted my thoughts on the new designs popping up and that a “Ragster” looking design was next up. Well this is it! Not completely as aggressive, but the line cues are there. From the nose intakes to the “chopped” roof line. I’d love to see how the non-beetle VW fans out there take this. Offer with a strong engine option and make it handle. I’d say this is a bit late but well worth the wait. Right now this is on target for next gen as it retains the original New Beetle aesthetic!

VW is on it!



At the end of of 2009 starts the second generation of the new Beetle on basis new gulf VI. the beginning makes the Cabrio, the closed version follows one year later.

By George Kacher it runs and runs and runs. Do you remember? Thus VOLKSWAGENrecruited into the 60ern for the tail engine beetle, from which to 2003 21.5 million pieces were produced. But develops in the meantime alsothe 1998 presented new Beetle to the success car: Recently the einmillionste copy was delivered. Reason of enough, in order to begin in time with the development of the successor. Ex Volkswagen boss Wolfgang Bernhard wanted to carry out a minimum program with the car and to use from cost reasons the old gulf platform. Martin winter grain, the new gentleman in the house, sets against it on current technology. Therefore the next new Beetle is based on the platformgulf of the VI, which does not differ however from the predecessor seriously.

Also with the organization of the product program itself the two Top managers would probably have become hardly united. Originally was remembered to place a complete new Beetle family on the wheels. In the closer choice last an optically daring many purpose combination and a four-door sedan were to, at which at least the beetle taxi drivers in Mexico town center would have had their bright joy. Even a Dune Buggy, a jeep and smallPick UP were in the drawers of the designers. The new crew tilted these variants however likewise like the sport combination on trade wind basis and the Crossoverderived from the AUDI A6. Instead it will give that to new Beetle again only as Zweitürer.

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  1. oneighturbo says:


    Ya, these are very impresive. Right where they need to be.

  2. Scott says:

    Very cool. Those look much better than the sketches and rumors I’ve heard. I’ve be very satisfied.

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