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Bugatti: First pics of the baby Bugatti

I just fell in love. I’m a huge fan of the Bugatti Veyron and now they drop it like its hot! A smaller cheaper Veyron!

As Christian says, we have enough time to save as it will be out in 2010 (coupe) and 2015 (cabrio). Now do I go Scirocco in ’08 or this… and who knows what else will be out from the VAG.

If you love the Bugatti Veyron but simply can’t afford it, like all of us, your time has come. Here are the first pics (at least artist ideas) of the upcoming baby Bugatti which is said to have a price tag of just 50.000 Euro! And it’s also mentioned that it comes in two flavors, as a coupe and as a cabrio. Good news! The only bad news is that you might have to wait until 2010 (coupe) and 2015 (cabrio). So enough time to save some money.

Check the pics:

- via Autobild

The German Car Blog

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  1. oneighturbo says:

    I love the grill. Pure Bugatti! That's why I love the new Audi grill as well, brings back those classic early days.

  2. Snap. That car is hot. I could care less for the weird looking front grill but otherwise that looks like an M3 replacement at that price.

  3. oneighturbo says:

    Ya, this will be amazing. Not sure how it will be positioned against Porsche and the Audi Le Mans R8…

  4. Adam says:

    Like LL said just stunning.

  5. luxuryluke says:

    Beautiful. just beautiful.
    [getting out checkbook…]

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