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Gas buyers favor brand, not price

How about something on a different note here on

Here is an interesting read on gas and advertising. Brand recognition/loyalty vs. price, which do you choose. Seems to be a ton of complaining on the price of gas these days. We have another viewpoint on it but this article supports the fact that price isn’t a concern.

I drive a VW 1.8T engine and it requires premium. I knew this when I bought it in 2002, long before the issue of today. I cannot really complain about the price. I’d love to buy a TDI but the New Beetle is paid for and I have more mod’n to do! ;)

Ok, back to brand. I try to hit Chevron first, Shell and BP next. That is it. Every so often I drop a bottle of Chevron Techron in.

Where do you go?

Oil company advertising is apparently much more effective than we had originally thought. As gasoline prices creep up towards $4.00 per gallon (already there in Southern California), consumers are still more likely to purchase fuel based on brand over price.

- Autoblog

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